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Father: Look at all these bills! Taxes, rent, telephone, clothes, food. The cost of living is going up everywhere. I’d be happy if just one thing went down.

Little Johnny: Dad, here’s my report card.

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Little Johnny was riding the elevator of a tall office with his mother and father. He tugged at his father’s coat and when his father bent over, Little Johnny whispered in ear.

The father frowned and shook his head. Little Johnny tugged at his father’s coat and whispered the same thing again.

“No,” said his father.

When Little Johnny tugged his father’s coat for the third time, his father lost his patience and said sharply: “I don’t care how Superman does it! We’re going up this way!”

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Father: Now Little Johnny, be good while I’m away.

Little Johnny: Okay dad, I’ll be good for a dollar.

Father: Why son, when I was your age I was good for nothing!

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Little Johnny was being shown the shape of the earth on a globe atlas by his mother. After pointing to all countries with unusual shapes, she asks: "Now Johnny, what shape is the world?"

Johnny, looking very wise and happy, said: "Daddy says it's in terrible shape."

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