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Little Johnny: "Mom, Dad just backed out of the garage and ran over my bicycle!"

Mom: "Maybe in the future you shouldn't leave it on the front lawn."

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Little Johnny's mother is making lunch when Johnny comes in from playing outside, covered in dirt.

"Johnny, you need to clean up for dinner," his mother says, looking at his left hand. "I've never seen a hand so filthy."

"Then you haven't seen this one," Johnny replies, holding up his right hand.

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It was Dad's turn to read Little Johnny a bedtime story. After twenty minutes, Mom called up the stairs, "Is he asleep?"

Little Johnny called back, "Yes, finally."

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Little Johnny: "Hey Mom, tomorrow there's a small PTA meeting at school."

Mom: "A small PTA meeting?"

Little Johnny: "Yeah, just you, me and the principal."

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