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Dogs may not be able to use the Internet but they do have pee-mail.
When they go outside they always want to check their messages and leave a status update.

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Conversations with Inanimate Objects:

"You never did love me! You only want me for my money!" - Your ATM Card
"I can see right through you!" - X-ray machine

Conversation in the kitchen:

Refrigerator: (to microwave) "You're hot!"

Microwave: "I know. And you're not!"
Vacuum cleaner: "Geez, that's cold! Brr.."
Refrigerator: (to vacuum cleaner) "Shut up, you suck! Go and eat my dust!"

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Did you hear about all the magicians in the country starting their own union? Just say 'work' and they disappear!

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Today, in the UK, the average man has 1.7 children.

I was told this fact by my 0.3 brother.

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