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A man found a magic lamp with a genie who offered him three wishes.

"For my first wish," he said, "I'd like to be rich."

"Okay, Rich," the genie replied, "what's your second wish?"

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I had an office so small...

That when I put the key in the door, I broke a window.

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My office was so small...

I had to leave the room to change my mind.

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A newspaper reporter was writing a feature story about prison life and was interviewing one of the prisoners. "Do you watch much television here?"

"Only the daytime shows," the inmate said. "At night we're locked in our cells and don't see any television."

"That's too bad," the reporter said. "But I do think it's nice that the warden lets you watch it in the daytime."

"What do you mean, nice?" the inmate said. "That's part of the punishment."

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