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A man is going from door to door. He stops at one house and knocks on the door. A man opens the door. The door-to-door salesman says, "Hello sir, today we're going door-to-door looking for those who might be interested in making a donation to the retirement home."

"Sure, that sounds great!" exclaims the man. "Grandma, grab your coat!"

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''Say, buddy, what's a 'Breathalyzer'?'' asked one drunk to his friend at the next bar stool.

''Well, I'd have to say it's a bag that tells you when you've drunk way too much,'' answered the equally wasted gent.

“Ah hell, whaddya know, I've been married to one of those for years and years now.''

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I broke up with my girlfriend of 5 years because I found out she was a communist...

I should have known, there were red flags everywhere.

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Interviewer: "Your resume says you take things too literally."

Me: “When the hell did my resume learn to talk?”

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