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A snail was involved in an accident that resulted in his shell being torn completely off.

Hearing about the accident, one of his friends rushed over (as much as a snail can rush) to his friend's house.

"I heard about your accident!" he exclaimed, and then asked, "How are you feeling?"

The recovering snail answered, "Sluggish."

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My daughter told me she saw a deer on the way to school.

Me: “How do you know it was going to school?”

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Simon: How were the exam questions?

Peter: Easy.

Simon: Then why do you look so unhappy?

Peter: The questions didn’t give me any trouble—just the answers.

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CATEGORY School Jokes
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Father: How did you do in your exams today, Little Johnny?

Little Johnny: I did what George Washington did.

Father: What was that?

Little Johnny: I went down in history.

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