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Son: Dad, why aren’t elephants allowed on the beach?

Dad: Because they won’t keep their trunks up!

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When the train stopped at the little Southern station in Arkansas, the tourist from the north sauntered out and gazed curiously at a lean animal with scraggy bristles that was rubbing itself against a scrub-oak.

"What do you call that animal," he ask curiously of a native.

"Razorback hawg," replied the native.

"What's he doing rubbing himself against that tree?"

"He's stropping himself, such. Just stropping himself."

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A man was walking through the grounds of a university one morning when he noticed a young blind woman struggling with her Guide-Dog. The animal was resolutely pulling in one direction, she in another.

When he offered assistance, the woman replied, "No thanks, this is a family argument. The dog knows I'm supposed to go to a lecture right now -- but I want to miss it."

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Lou: A woman fell overboard from a ship. A shark came up, looked over her and swam away.

Bud: Why did the shark do that?

Lou: Because it was a man eating shark.

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