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Management of a large computer services company gives the new field services manager his marching orders: Cut costs, cut costs, and on top of that, cut costs.

So when the field technician gets to a customer site to fix an old, large line printer, he knows there's going to be a problem.

"The printer was covered under our maintenance contract," the tech says. "A co-worker and I determined the problem was with a very expensive part."

He sends the diagnosis back to his new manager with a request for the expensive new part.

"That part is too expensive," says manager. "Go back and find something else wrong with the printer."

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Me: "The kids haven’t eaten their sandwiches."

Wife: "Okay, just throw them out."


Me (helping the kids pack a suitcase): “Look, I’m just as surprised as you are.”

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My son came up to me and said, "Dad, I just watched someone do fifty pushups. Do you think you could do that?"

I said, "Absolutely. Not to brag son, but I could probably watch someone do a hundred pushups!"

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I think the whole "Autumn-is-in-the-air" theme has gone too far.

Today I went to Jiffy Lube and they offered me a "Cinnamon Spice" oil change.

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