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An extremely vain sorceress zoomed into the local dollar store on her broom, fuming from head-to-toe. “Which one of you morons is responsible for putting my name on your product without my permission? I’m going to turn you into a toad!”

A shuddering young clerk bravely came forward— “I’m extremely sorry ma'am; I honestly thought Witch Hazel was an approved product.”

“You idiot,” screamed the hag. “I’m talking about the Barbie doll!”

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Hecklers Anonymous meeting...

Tonight - 7pm!

Bring your own boos!

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Today I picked up my mother-in-law at the airport.

She's getting a little up there. She's at the age where she doesn't remember things too well.

So, when I saw her, I said, "Thanks for coming. Have a nice flight!"

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What do you call a human skull without a hundred billion neurons?

A no-brainer.

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