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7/11 isn't giving out free slurpees this year!

Instead of offering free slurpees, they will be offering discounted gas at a price of $7.11 a gallon.

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Billy: I want to be an information broker when I grow up.

Bobby: What information do you have?


Bobby: That's what I thought, without information all you can be is broker.

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Why did the scared cow say "Moo?"

Because it's a cow-word.

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An elderly couple decided they just spent too much time and energy complaining about all their aches and pains.

“Let’s agree to not say a word about our ailments,” suggested the wife. “We’ll talk about something else or say nothing at all.”

“Great idea!” replied the husband.

Two months later, they got a message from Alexa. “Alexa is wondering if you are both OK. For the past two months we have picked up no verbal communication in your household.”

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