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A pet store owner held an emergency staff meeting.

Pet Store owner to all staff members: "Last month I installed an anonymous suggestion box and asked your thoughts on how to increase sales. I did say the suggestions are anonymous but I'd REALLY like to know who suggested we put recipes on the cages."

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I built a model of Mount Everest.

My son asked, “Is it to scale?”

I replied, “No... it’s to look at.”

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Doctor: "My dear sir, it's a good thing you came to me when you did."

Patient: "Why, Doc, are you broke?"

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Non-Fiction Bestseller List

1. I Was a Streaker by Running Bear
2. How to Overcome Depression by M. I. Blue
3. How to Avoid Arguments by Xavier Breth
4. Button Collecting by Zipporah Broaken
5. Why You Need Insurance by Justin Case
6. How to Improve Your Looks by Celeste Chance
7. Better Target Shooting by Mister Completely
8. How I Struck It Rich by Jack Potts
9. How to Fall Out the Window by Eileen Dover
10. The Victims of Jack the Ripper by Hugh Next

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