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We should have a way of telling people when they have bad breath.

Something like, "Well, I'm bored... let's go brush our teeth."

Or, "I've got to make a phone call, hold this gum in your mouth for me, will you."

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After smattering a bazillion flying insects on his Jeep windshield, Harvey came to a stoplight. That very moment another sacrificial bug arrives —

“Mr. Harvey, I beg of you... spare my life and I’ll wash your windshield every day for a year!”

"Nah, I don’t think so," states Harvey.

“Why the heck not?” responds the bug.

‘Well, it’s my wife’s car, and she could use the exercise.”

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Housework can't kill you...

But why take a chance?

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What do you call it when your mother's sisters all gather at a funeral to avenge your death?

Vigil Aunties

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