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A chicken, a tomato, and a potato with a patch over one eye walked into a restaurant for breakfast.
The server came over to their table and said we’ve got chicken friend steak, hard boiled eggs with hash browns and V-8 on special.

After a moment of silence the chicken turned to the tomato and the potato with a patch over his eye and said, "You were right, we should have gone to the waffle house."

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A successful businessman wanted to send his elderly mother a very special gift for her birthday, a rare South American endangered bird valued at $5,000.

When he called his mother to see how she liked the surprise gift he was shocked when she said, "It was quite small, but tasted very good."

He asked her, after her shocking reply, "Mom, that was a $5000 bird that can speak five languages and you ate him?"

"Well, if he could speak five languages he should have spoken up."

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A zombie goes to the doctor and says, "Doctor, I have a horrible rash!"

The doctor says, "Son, I'm sorry but that's not a rash, that's called your face."

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"What's your favorite childhood memory?"

"Not paying bills."

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