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Busy in the yard one afternoon, my father paused to admire our neighbor's new boat.

"Sure is a beauty, Charles," Dad said. Knowing that Charles was conservative when it came to spending money, my father asked, "Was it expensive?"

"The boat itself wasn't so bad," Charles replied. "But the extras really hurt."

"You mean things like water skis, life jackets, and trailer?" my father asked.

"No," our neighbor said with a sigh. "I mean what the wife wanted - the new carpet, the kitchen cabinets, and the cabin room furniture."

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The Sunday School teacher was asking why Little Johnny was late.

"I was going fishing but my father would not let me," replied Little Johnny.

"You are lucky to have a fine father like this. I am sure he explained to you why you should not go fishing on Sunday."

"Yes Ma'ma. He said there just was not enough bait for both of us to go."

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i enjoy the comedy technique of Self-Deprecation...

But I am not very good with it.

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I can't remember how to write 51, 6, and 500 in Roman numerals.


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