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What do you call a Volkswagen Beetle in which a poor person has to sleep?

A "Bed Bug"!

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Teacher: "John, what's the matter? Why are you looking so upset?"

John: "My dad is in police station and my mom is in hospital!"

Teacher: "Oh God! Please go home!"

The principal happened to see John leave. He asks the teacher, "Where's John heading to?"

Teacher: "I permitted him to go home because his dad is in police station and mom is in hospital."

Principal: "His dad is a cop and his mom is a nurse... where else they would be?"

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Priest: Do you have any confessions?

Man: I did something Father, but I am not sure if it was a sin.

Priest: Did you enjoy it?

Man: Yes father

Priest: It was a sin.

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A Police Officer was questioning a young man who's smart car got stuck between the concrete walls of a pedestrian stairway.

When the police officer had asked him what he was thinking at that moment, his response was, "I was instructed by my Uber App to take a sharp left."

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