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I've been in love with a woman for seventeen years...

My wife would kill me if she ever found out!

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Daughter: I can't marry him, Mother. He's an atheist and doesn't believe there's a hell.

Mother: Marry him, my dear, and between us we can convince him that he's wrong.

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Two residents of the town voted the dumbest city in the United States went to the local library to find out the origins of this dubious honor. Pouring through the original charters and reproductions of documents on microfiche, they came to some stunning conclusions.

"They didn't even know how to plot out the parcels of land to establish the city limits," said Tom.

"And the first mayor didn't even graduate from high school," added William.

"Looks like they wrote out the township's constitution on toilet paper," Tom remarked.

"Yeah, and look at the picture of the first city council. Who drew question marks above their heads?" asked William.

"It seems like right from the beginning, stupidity was the order of the day." Tom lamented.

At the next council meeting Tom and William went before the citizens and told them everything they had learned about how their city had its initial beginnings. Needless to say, the town was dumbfounded.

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The English teacher asks if any student can name two words that don’t belong together in a sentence.

Little Johnny raised his hand, "I know, I know… 'man bun' right?"

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