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8/21/2020 To 8/28/2020
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I accidentally sprayed deodorant in my mouth.

Now when I talk, I have this weird axe scent.

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8/21/2020 To 8/28/2020
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Her: “Why do we need walkie-talkies? Our relationship is over.”

Me: “Our relationship is what? Over.”

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posted by "Danny Jackson" |
8/21/2020 To 8/28/2020
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A couple that just moved into their new home in the suburbs were told they ought to get a watchdog to guard their premises at night. So they bought the largest dog that was for sale in the kennels of a nearby dealer.

Shortly afterwards the house was entered by burglars, who made away with a good haul while the dog slept. The householder went to the kennel dealer and told him about it.

"Well, what you need now," said the dealer, "is a little dog to wake up the big dog."

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8/21/2020 To 8/28/2020
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Little Johnny, instead of an apple, would daily bring his new teacher a pretzel from his uncle's bakery. She always thanked Little Johnny but one day she said, "These pretzels are very good but do you think your uncle could make them with no salt?"

Every day afterwards the pretzel was salt free. After a while the teacher felt she was making too much extra work for Little Johnny's uncle to make them without salt especially for her.

"Little Johnny, I hope your uncle is not going to any great time to prepare the pretzel without salt?"

"Oh no," replied Little Johnny, "he doesn't make them without salt. I lick the salt off."

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