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A man walks into his doctor's office and says, "Doctor, I've eaten something that disagrees with me."

A voice from the man's stomach says, "No, you haven't."

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After dinner one evening a the President was entertaining their house guest by playing the piano.

At one point he turned to the visitor and said, "I understand you love music?"

"Yes," murmured the guest politely. "But never you mind, you keep right on playing..."

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What lies at the bottom of the ocean and trembles?

A nervous wreck.

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Teacher: Eleanor Roosevelt said, "Intelligent people talk about ideas. Regular people talk about current events and lower than average people talk about people."

Little Johnny: No matter what history would have us believe, I respect a teacher that tells it like it is. I had no idea Eleanor Roosevelt was a below average person.

Teacher: What do you mean?

Little Johnny: She was talking about people, right?

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