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I think the scariest part of the song “Born to be Wild”...

Is when they find a head out on the highway.

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I saw a woman in Walmart with March Madness teeth...

She was down to the Final Four.

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Jane Benson returned home from college one day to see her family. While chatting together at dinner, her five year old brother Joey overheard Jane speaking about her boyfriend William. "I thought his name was Billy." Joey said.

His mother replied, "William is another name for Billy, dear."

That night, before Joey went to bed, Jane came to see him. "Would you like me to read you an anecdote?" she asked. Joey tilted his head curiously. "What's an anecdote?"

"An anecdote is a tale." Jane replied.

After reading Joey his bedtime story, Jane gets up to leave. "Would you like me to douse the light?" she asked. Joey looked at her curiously again. "What's douse mean?"

"Douse means to put out." Jane replied.

The next day, Jane took her younger siblings to a local petting zoo. "How was the petting zoo?" their parents asked upon their return home.

"It was great!" Joey replied. "I saw a William goat get into one of the cages, but one of the keepers took him by the anecdote and doused him."

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After smattering a bazillion flying insects on his Jeep windshield, Harvey came to a stoplight. That very moment another sacrificial bug arrives —

“Mr. Harvey, I beg of you... spare my life and I’ll wash your windshield every day for a year!”

"Nah, I don’t think so," states Harvey.

“Why the heck not?” responds the bug.

‘Well, it’s my wife’s car, and she could use the exercise.”

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