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Boyfriend: I will never lie to you, dear.

Girlfriend: How sweet!

Boyfriend: Now you tell me a lie.

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posted by "Jareth the Goblin King" |
1/5/2023 To 1/12/2023
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I’m looking to sell my DeLorean...

Good shape, low mileage...

Only driven from time to time!

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posted by "Glen Rae" |
1/5/2023 To 1/12/2023
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“Are you making any New Year’s Resolutions?” my friend asked.

“Yes. I’ve resolved to stop playing so much polo,” I remarked.

“Since when have you been playing polo?"

“Never. But I figured that is one resolution I could keep!”

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posted by "Bill Sauro" |
1/5/2023 To 1/12/2023
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The definition of a "gimme" in golf can best be defined as an agreement between two golfers...

Neither of whom can putt very well.

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