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Things You Say After 50:

Where the #$%# is my phone?

How did I get that bruise?

How do they expect you to read that small print?

Where'd I put my glasses?

I don't care if it doesn't look fashionable, it's comfortable!

Who the heck is calling at 9pm?

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posted by "aod318" |
6/16/2023 To 6/23/2023
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The mayor in my city just passed a law that male best friends have to have lunch together at least once a week.

Well, it's not a law, it's more of a mandate.

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posted by "pinkgalaxy3" |
6/9/2023 To 6/16/2023
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I got arrested today for walking out of an art museum with a painting.

I’m just so confused because earlier when I asked the security if I could take a picture, they said “yes.”

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posted by "I am innocent" |
6/9/2023 To 6/16/2023
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Frankenstein enters a bodybuilding competition...

And finds he has seriously misunderstood the objective.

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