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There once was a butcher named Herman who was famous for his fresh made turkey pies. Customers used to come from miles away to taste his pies. However, after a while, they had noticed that the pies didn't taste quite as good as they used to.

Hoping to get to the bottom of this matter, a customer approaches Herman one day and says, "Herman, I've noticed that lately your pies seem to taste different. Have you changed the recipe?"

"Well, just between you and me," Herman replies. "The pies have been in such high demand that there haven't been enough turkeys to go around, so I've been mixing in a bit of horse meat."

"Horse meat!" the customer echoes in shock. "How much?"

"Oh, about fifty-fifty." Herman replies.


"One horse to one turkey."

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My doctor advised me to limit red meat in my diet.

So I stopped putting ketchup on my meatloaf.

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I made soup entirely from ingredients extracted from the atmosphere...

It was a broth of fresh air!

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Did you hear about the angler who baited his hook with peanut butter?

All he would catch was jellyfish!

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