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A culinary student was learning to make a proper gravy.

His teacher asked, "Did you start with a roux?"

"No, too time consuming," replied the student.

The teacher sternly replied, "Rouxs are meant to be enforced!"

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A friend of mine one day hadn’t eaten in over twelve hours. He says to me, “Man, I’m hungry!”

I quickly reply, “I thought your name was Alfred, not hungry?"

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A man enters the kitchen, opens the sugar box, looks inside and closes it.

He does it again and again. Why?

Because the doctor told him to check his sugar levels regularly.

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Husband: You brought home donuts. I thought we agreed, no sweets, while you were on your diet.

Wife: I know it but the Lord wanted me to have them.

Husband: How do you know the Lord wanted you to have them?

Wife: As I was approaching the donut shop I said to the Lord, "If it's your will for me to have donuts, let there be a parking space open right in front of the shop".

Husband: So I suppose there was an open parking space?

Wife: Absolutely! The eighth time around the block there it was.

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