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What did one Hot Dog Say to the other Hot Dog?

HI! Frank!

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Teacher: If you are on the moon, what will happen to your weight?

a) Increase
b) Decrease
c) No change
d) Can not be predicted…

Student : Decrease

Teacher: Why?

Student : You will not get good food!!!

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What is the difference between the bird flu and the swine flu?

For the bird flu you get tweetment and for the swine flu you receive oinkment.

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At school one morning the teacher asked little Johnny what he had for breakfast.

Little Johnny said, well, on my way to school I come cross this Apple tree, so I climbed up there and started eating apples.

I guess I eat about six, said little Johnny.

No, said the teacher, it’s ate! Little Johnny said well it could've been eight I don't remember.

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