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Commuting to New York city a lady seated herself in the train that contained a solitary traveling salesman. After a while the salesman said, politely, "Excuse me, miss, but..."

"If you speak or annoy me, I'll pull the train cord!" snapped the lady.

Whenever he attempted to speak, the lady threatened to give the alarm. At last the train slowed up at a station and the salesman rose to his feet. "I don't care whether you like it or not," he said. "but I want that torn bag of strawberries you've been sitting on for the last 20 miles!"

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I was trying to lose weight...

I saw cake...

Cake saw me...

Cake has now disappeared!!!

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What did the alien say to the garden?

Take me to your WEEDER!

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Police Chief: The thief got away, eh? Did you guard all the exits?

Deputy: Yes, we did. But he tricked us. He went out through an entrance.

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