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"Mom says that drinking a buffalo's milk makes us smarter."

"She's lying. If it did make one smarter, then the buffalo's calves would be scientists."

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What does a dalmatian say when scratching an itch?

"Ah, that's the spot!"

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Tom tried to calm himself down in the middle of a severe argument with his wife Jany. He said to her, “Let us not fight any more. We should try to sort this out in a level-headed manner.”

Fuming with anger, Jany replied, “No. Whenever we try to sort things out in a level-headed manner, I lose!”

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Little Johnny's mother was in the hospital, and he was visiting to see his new brother. He wandered into an adjoining room which was occupied by a woman with a broken leg.

"Hello," he said. "How long you been here?"

"Oh, about two weeks."

"May I see your baby," he then ask.

"Why I haven't got a baby," the woman replied.

"Gee, you are slow. My mama's been here just two days and she's got one."

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