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It is evening. Little Johnny and his friend are sitting by a camp fire.

They’ve been plagued by swarms of mosquitoes already for an hour and the assault only worsens when the darkness sets in.

Suddenly, fireflies appear. Little Johnny shouts, “These darn mosquitoes! Now they’ve even brought lanterns with them to find us!“

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A friend of mine, a professional organist, was asked to play for a wedding. Unfamiliar with the church's organ, she went to the sanctuary to practice.

Curious about a small keyboard that slid out from under the two regular keyboards, she tapped out a couple of bars of a children's song but heard nothing. Then she played a few more notes, but still no organ music.

Just then a man came running into the church, shouting, "Who's playing 'Three Blind Mice' on the church-steeple bells?"

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One Sunday morning when my son was about five years old, we were attending church in our community. It was common for the preacher to invite the children to the front of the church and have a small lesson before beginning the sermon. He would bring in an item they could find around the house and relate it to a teaching from the Bible.

This particular morning, the visual aid for his lesson was a smoke detector. He asked the children if anyone knew what it meant when an alarm sounded from the smoke detector.

My child immediately raised his hand and said, "It means Daddy's cooking dinner."

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I’ve always thought my neighbors were quite nice people...

But then they put a password on their Wi-Fi!

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