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Why did the singer climb the ladder?

To reach the high notes.

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There are three farmers who look and sound alike

Farmer 1: "What are we doing today?"

Farmer 2: "What we do everyday."

Farmer 1: "What’s that?"

Farmer 2: "Find out what farmer #3 is doing."

Farmer 1: "Wait... I thought you were farmer #3?"

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Veronica was practicing the piano when suddenly there was a loud pounding on the front door. She opened it and found a breathless cop.

"What's the matter?!" she asked.

"Where's the body?!" demanded the officer.

"What are you talking about?"

"We just got a tip that some guy named Mozart was being butchered to pieces in this house."

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The new minister stood at the church door greeting the members as they left the Sunday morning service. While most of the people told the minster how much they liked his message, one man seemingly had a different opinion. “That was a very dull and boring sermon, Pastor,” he said.

The pastor was a bit baffled by this, but he continued shaking hands. A few minutes later, the same man again appeared in line and said, “I don’t think you did much in the way of preparation for your message.”

Once again, the man circled back and appeared in line, this time muttering, “You really blew it. You didn’t have a thing to say, Pastor.”

Finally, the minister could stand it no longer. He went to one of the deacons and inquired about the man. “Oh, don’t let that guy bother you,” said the deacon. “He’s a little behind. All he does is go around repeating whatever he hears other people saying.”

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