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Husband and wife are having a conversation.

Wife: "​Since we got married, we don't go out anymore and we never go eat at nice restaurants. You are not romantic anymore. You never say sweet things to me anymore."​

Husband: ​(Chuckling)​ "Oh Darling, don't look too much into it. You know I still love you. But have you ever seen a politician campaigning after winning an election?"

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I went to the library the other day and found a book titled "How to Hug".

Wanting to learn the secrets of intimacy I quickly grabbed the book and headed to the checkout counter.

The librarian was polite but said I couldn't check out the book because it was the seventh volume of Encyclopedia Britannica.

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Newspaper Ad:

"Attractive kitten seeks position in someone's lap. Will do light mouse work."

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Which current is used in Washington?

Why DC (Direct Current) of course!

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