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10. Hot dogs with just a hint of Tabasco.

9. "Kids eat free" night at the steak house.

8. Pizza.

7. Broiled bologna benedict on rye.

6. Back-of-the-fridge goulash (with lots of pepper).

5. Chips and salsa.

4. Cocoa Puff surprise.

3. Something old, something blue, something frozen, call it stew.

2. Cold pizza.

1. Whatever's cooking at Grandma's.

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A real estate agent was showing a woman through a beautiful room at the top of a large hotel.

"Now in this wing we have the master bedroom, bath, and den."

The woman interrupted suspiciously, "And den what?"

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I asked my wife what’s for dinner...

She calmly replied, “Reservations.”

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CATEGORY Marriage Jokes
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I once dated a geologist, but the relationship was just too rocky.

I was crushed.

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