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When my father-in-law decided to move after his retirement, he invited us to his home to take a few pieces of furniture he wanted us to have. One item was beautiful but very heavy -- an antique dining-room set. Our teenage son helped us wrestle the set into our truck. It took the whole day, but finally the table, chairs, and china cabinet were sitting in our dining room.

"Just think," I said as I admired the furniture while my son sat resting. "This set is 100 years old. And someday, it will belong to you."

"Oh, no!" he replied with a stricken look on his face. "You mean I'm going to have to move this thing AGAIN?"

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At our weekly Bible study, our leader was recapping what we knew about the Epistle to Titus before continuing with the study.

So he asked, "What kind of place was Crete?"

Nobody answered, so he added, "In a geographic sense."

One or two of us answered, but nobody gave the answer he was looking for.

So he said, "I'll give you a clue: it has a lot in common with a much talked about place called Noman."

One of us responded, "Can't say I've heard on Noman."

To which our leader said, "Noman is an island."

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JOHNNY: "Say Mom, was our baby sent down from heaven?"

MOTHER: "Yes, son."

JOHNNY: "I guess they like to have things quiet up there, huh?"

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What is the shoemaker's favorite dessert?

Peach Cobbler.

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