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After the birth of their first child Tom and Sarah decided it was time to write a will and get their affairs in order. They went to a lawyer and outlined for him their ideas about how their estate should be handled.

The lawyer then asked them questions about what medical means should be employed should they become severely injured.

Tom spoke up, "I don't want my life regulated by some machine. I just can't stand the idea of receiving my nourishment from a bottle."

Sarah took Tom's words to heart. When they got home, she cut the TV cord and dumped out all of Tom's beer.

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"How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light-bulb?"

"That's an interesting question... how many do YOU think? And why are you asking?"

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Did you hear about the skunks that started a boy band?

They are calling themselves "The Back Streak Boys"!

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Interviewer: "What would you consider one of your strengths?"

Me: "I perform under pressure..."

Interviewer: "Can you get give me an example?"

Me: (deep breath) "Mm ba ba de Um bum ba de Um bu bu ba de PRESSURE, pushing down on me..."

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