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A little girl won two goldfish at a fair. When the family arrived home, her mother asked her what she was going to call them.

“I think I’ll call them One and Two,” said the little girl.

“They’re unusual names for goldfish. Why have you chosen them?”

”Because if One dies, I’ll still have Two!”

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Knock, knock...

Who's there?

Wooden shoe.

Wooden shoe who?

Wooden shoe like to hear another joke?

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Two boys walking along the fence passing the graveyard heard voices. The voices said, "One for me, One for you."

The boys who were truly petrified thinking that the voices were ghouls stealing bodies tried to walk slowly passed and not make any noise. All of a sudden one of the voices said, "Now lets get those two nuts by the fence & we will be done!"

The boys screamed and ran away as fast as they could. Just then one of the two squirrels looked at the other and asked, "I wonder what was wrong with them?"

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A 55 year old man who was born on May 5, has been married 5 years, has 5 children, makes $55,555.55 a year, trusts the number 5.

One day a friend informs the man that a horse named Lucky 5 will be running in the fifth race at the local track that evening. Excitedly, the man withdraws 5,555.00 cash from his bank account, goes to the races and bets on Lucky 5.

Sure enough, the horse comes in fifth.

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