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A rookie pitcher is struggling on the mound, so the catcher walks up to have a quick talk with him.

"I think I've figured out your problem," the catcher tells the shaky pitcher. "You always lose control at exactly the same point in every game."

The pitcher feels a little relieved, thinking he has the answer to his issue. "When do I usually lose my control?" he asks his teammate.

"It's usually," the catcher admits, "right after the national anthem."

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Bea: I hate that snobby Sue. Because of her I lost a hundred fifty pounds!

Lucy: Wow! What did she do?

Bea: She stole my boyfriend.

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Today we’re going to study about growing a garden. Take out your weeding books.

Today we’re going to study pigs. Does everyone has a pen?

Today I am going to put a new spin on computer learning. Take out your lap tops.

Today we’re going to talk about death. And this will be on your final exam.

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A father saw his son out in the backyard cleaning their homemade swing, a rubber tire hanging by a rope from a tree branch. The son was hosing it down, wiping it off, dusting out the inside.

The puzzled father went outside and said, “Son, I thought you were playing on the golf course with your friends this afternoon?”

"I was," replied the boy. "But the golf instructor said I needed to improve my swing."

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