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Yo' Momma is so fat...

The only letters she knows in the alphabet are K, F, C!

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How does Bigfoot tell time?

With a Sasq-watch.

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Little Jenny: Hi Mommy, where is Daddy?

Mother: He's lying on the couch and has been watching baseball all day. Why do you ask?

Little Jenny: I wanted to tell him what we learned in school today.

Mother: Oh yeah sweetie, and what was that?

Little Jenny: Well, the teacher taught us that the human body has 270 bones at birth and 206 by adulthood.

Mother: Wow Jenny! I did not know that, but I'm afraid that your teacher is incorrect when it comes to your Father though.

Little Jenny: Really Mommy, why is that?

Mother: Because he has an extra one, for a total of 207. It's named the Lazy-bone.

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Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head got together and got married...

They then made Tater-Tots.

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