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In our home we tend to get the children to help out. One day our youngest son came in to the living room and asked, "Does anyone want a cup of coffee?"

"Yes, please!" we said.

He replied, "What kind of coffee do you want? Capitated or decapitated?"

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Don't ever run with Bagpipes...

You could poke an eye out...

Or worse yet, you could get kilt!

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What type of organization is atheism?

It's a non-prophet organization.

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A woman working in a laboratory is responsible for keeping tissue cultures alive. So that she won't forget, she writes "feed cells" on her calendar. One day she noticed that someone had scribbled in "take cells for a walk."

By the end of the month, a number of anonymous reminders had been added:
Take cells to Disneyland...
Cells on vacation...
Cells back...

On Yom Kippur, someone added, "Jewish cells get the day off."

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