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A woman entered the hospital to deliver her 15th child.

"Congratulations," said the nurse, "but don't you think this is enough?"

The woman replied, "Are you kidding? This is the only vacation I get each year."

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I do not suffer from stress...

I’m just a carrier.

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A Judge sentences the same repeat offender to prison for life this time, because of a white collar crime that he was found guilty of by a jury. The man is greeted by the same Corrections Officer that he first met twenty years ago.

Guard: "Well, look who's back again! You just can't stay out of trouble, now can you?"

Inmate: "You need to be more appreciative and thankful for my return."

Guard: "Really now! And why is that?"

Inmate: "Because without people like me in this world, you'd be out of a job!"

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What type of person finds it humorous to shower while wearing a raincoat?

Apparently someone with a dry sense of humor!

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