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Johnny, age 6, and his dad went for a drive. Upon returning home, Johnny's mom asked, "What did you see, today?"

Johnny replied, "3 idiots, 1 dumb fool, 4 morons, and 1 that Daddy said I should not tell you about."

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Boy: "This darn bug is bothering the heck out of me! Where’s that can of spray insecticide... Oh, here it is. GOTCHA! Oh wow, I never knew bugs had so much blood in them."

Girl: "You idiot, you used the can of red spray paint!"

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Anthony, my four-year-old grandson, was excited about the story he had learned at Christian day school.

"Grandma," he said enthusiastically, "it's about a woman God told not to look back."

"You mean Lot's wife?" I asked.

"Yes," Anthony's face brightened. "And you know what? She looked back and turned into the Statue of Liberty!"

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Two sharks are swimming along in the ocean when they spot a windsurfer.

“Ooh, look, a snack!” cheers up the first one.

The second one nods appreciatively, “And on a nice little plate with even a napkin!"

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