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Danny came home with a very large bounty of Halloween treats. Danny’s eyes were gleaming; he had a smile from ear to ear while performing an impromptu victory dance for his parents.

His father said, "Danny you know there comes a time when we should stop going trick or treating."

Just them Danny’s mother interrupted her husband. "Dear, give the boy a break; after all he has two full years before he turns forty."

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Apparently to start a zoo you need at least two pandas, a grizzly, and three polars...

It's the bear minimum.

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A father was driving nails while constructing a play house for his children. The youngest boy asked if he could hammer a nail. The father granted his request and showed him how to do it.

The boy did as his father had explained and lightly tapped to set the nail before hammering it in but he struck his thumb. It wasn’t enough force to bruise or break the skin but the father also knew it couldn’t have felt good.

After a few more attempts with the exact same result the father asked his son if he could help. His son quickly answered by saying, “Yes, would you hold the nail so I can get a good swing at it?”

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I’m on a whiskey diet...

I’ve lost three days already.

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