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An elderly lady was stopped to pull into a parking space when a young man in his new red Mercedes went around her and parked in the space she was waiting for.

The little old lady was so upset that she went up to the man and said, ''I was going to park there!''

The man was a real smart aleck and he said, ''That's what you can do when you're young and quick.”

Well this really upset the lady even more, so she got in her car and backed it up and then she stomped on the gas and plowed right into his Mercedes.

The young man ran back to his car and asked, ''What did you do that for?''

The little old lady smiled and told him, ''That's what you can do when you're old and rich!''

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I have one cup of coffee every morning to start the day off right...

The other ones are to keep me out of jail, help me form sentences, and fuel my razor sharp wit!

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My 5 year old: "Do trees poop?"

Me: "Of course they do, that’s how we get #2 pencils."

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A judge in Louisville decided a jury went ''a little bit too far'' in recommending a sentence of 5,005 years for a man who was convicted of five robberies and a kidnapping.

The judge reduced the sentence to 1,001 years.

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