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Don't eat the French Fish...

It's Poisson!!

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Mother: "Son, finish your breakfast. It's not good to leave things undone or unfinished."

Son: "Then I will go back to sleep."

Mother: "Why?"

Son: "Because I want to finish my sleep."

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Special Offer!

Panhandler: "Please sir, can you give me $10?"

Man: "Sorry, don't have any change. All I have is a $50 bill."

Panhandler: "No problem sir, if you donate $50 today, you can take advantage of the 10% cash back offer!"

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Two pumpkins in the pumpkin patch were discussing what they wanted to be for Halloween.

One said he wanted to be a Jack-O Lantern, "... but I don't know if I can make the cut."

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