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Bobbie to neighbor: “What are you getting your children for Christmas?”

Neighbor: “Well, if my husband doesn’t stop staying out until three in the morning, I’ll give them a new dad.”

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Two guys sat down for lunch in the office cafeteria. "Hey, whatever happened to Pete in payroll?" one asked.

"He got this harebrained notion he was going to build a new kind of car," his co-worker replied.

"How was he going to do it?"

"He took an engine from a Ford, tires from a Chevy, seats from a Lincoln, hubcaps from Caddy and, well, you get the idea."

"So what did he end up with?"

"Ten years to life."

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Sometimes I like my steak under cooked...

But that's rare.

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"You are a cheat!" roared the angry card player.

"I am not," responded the accused.

"You certainly are," insisted the first man. "I know for sure that I never dealt you that ace!"

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