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A Rabbi, a Priest, and a Reverend walk into a bar...

You know what, I'm tired of these jokes, you finish it.

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Let the Wookiee win. While you're at it, let the Wookiee have the right of way in traffic. If they tip badly, do not complain. If the Wookiee does not return library books right on time, do not fine them. If they take food from your refrigerator, just let it go. Finally, if the Wookiee is your customer, remember that the customer is always right.

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I wrote a song about a tortilla.

However, I changed my mind.

Now it's a wrap.

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The parents were very disappointed in the grades that their son brought home.

"The only consolation I can find in these awful grades," lamented the father, "is that I know he's not cheating on his exams."

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