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I submitted 10 puns to a pun website to see if I would win the top prize.

No pun in 10 did.

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Fresh out of Yale and having just passed the BAR exam, Bobby was sitting in his first interview with a prestigious law firm CEO.

CEO: "I see that you are fresh out of Yale, have just passed the BAR exam, and have an excellent academic record with A's in every course. But what we are looking for is someone with a few years of real-world experience."

Bobby thought for a moment and replied: " Well that's okay, I actually I went to college for art, I found that resume' online, and I made up the story about taking the BAR exam.

CEO: "So what you're saying is you tell creative lies that stretch the truth though research and story telling?"

Bobby: "Umm.... I guess?"

CEO: "Can you start work on Monday?"

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My best friend is coming up from California. He's a great guy, lots of laughs, but he does tell some really cheesy jokes!

Ah, Good Ole Monterey Jack!

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A dog and a chicken walked into a bar. The bartender started to laugh...

The dog leaned over and whispered in the chicken’s ear, "Do you still have the ALCU on speed dial? I think we have a case here!"

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