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Luke: I remember the time I played against Yale in football. What a game it was."

Mark: "What position did you play?"

Luke: "In the first game I was left...."

Mark: "End?"

Luke: "Left out. In the second half I was back...."

Mark: "You were back in?"

Luke: "No, way back."

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Little Johnny was being shown the shape of the earth on a globe atlas by his mother. After pointing to all countries with unusual shapes, she asks: "Now Johnny, what shape is the world?"

Johnny, looking very wise and happy, said: "Daddy says it's in terrible shape."

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The farmers almanac has predicted a much colder winter than normal.

I have been observing squirrels and they are collecting more nuts than normal.

Which makes me wonder where my 3 cousins have disappeared to???

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"Doctor Doctor, I feel like a tennis racket."

"You must be too highly strung."

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