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At a restaurant one night, the man at the next table was pulling out all the stops to impress his underwhelmed date.

He crowned a lengthy list of lifetime achievements by stating, “At least I can say I have been a Hollywood movie producer.”

The woman nodded. “I’ll make a note of that: ‘has-been movie producer.'”

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Patient: "Doc, I am very stressed out and I am not getting proper sleep at night."

Doctor: "I am giving you some medicines and sleeping pills."

Patient: "Is this going to help?"

Doctor: "Yes, just give it to your wife before going to bed."

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Tom to his mom: "Mom, please tell me a story?"

Mom: "Sorry, honey, I don't have any new stories to tell. But you should ask your dad why he was late coming home today. He will then tell you some amazing stories."

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If you think about it, snakes get a bad rap in life. I mean really now, if you were born
with no arms and no legs, you'd also be very bitter, recluse and have a 'Chip On Your Shoulder'.

Oh that's right...these poor reptiles don't have any shoulders either!

See what I mean?

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