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Once there was a Spanish speaking magician who promised a vanishing act. So he says, "I will count to 3 and I will disappear!"

"Uno! Dos!" and then POOF! With a puff of smoke he was gone, without even a Tres!

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Several years ago, I purchased a chest type freezer. My best friend came over to see it. She said, "My dad told me how you can tell if you have a tight seal on your freezer. If you put a dollar bill in between the top of the freezer and the bottom of the freezer and you can't pull it out, then you have a good seal."

"Wow, let's try it!" I said.

"Sorry, we can't," she began. "All I have is a ten."

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How far can a fox run into a grove?

Only halfway... after that he's running out!

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A thief broke into my house last night... He started searching for money...

So I woke up and searched with him.

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