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The phone bill was exceptionally high. Man called a family meeting to discuss the matter.

Dad: "This is unacceptable, I don't use the home phone, I use my work phone."

Mom: "Me too, I use my company phone. I hardly use the home phone."

Son: "I use my office mobile. I never use the home phone."

All of them shocked turned to look at the maid who was patiently listening to them all this time.

Maid: "What? So we all use our work phones, what is the big deal?"

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"Why did they arrest you?"

"They said I was shopping too early."

"Well, that's not a crime. How early were you shopping?"

"Before the store opened."

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A man walks into a bar and orders a drink. After noticing there are pieces of meat nailed to the ceiling of the bar, he asks the barman what they are for. The barman replies, “If you can jump up and pull one of them down you get free beer all night. If you fail, you have to pay the bar $100. Do you want to give it a try?”

The man thinks about it for a minute before saying, “Nah, no thanks. The steaks are too high!”

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A bear walks into a restaurant and says, "I want a grilled............... cheese please."

The waiter asks, "What's with the pause?"

The bear replies. "What do you mean, I'm a bear aren't I?

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