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When you're on an airplane and you meet someone whose first name is JACK whatever you do DON'T GREET HIM.

You might get in trouble with the authorities.

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Father: You better pass that exam or else forget that I'm your father.

Son: Ok, dad.

Next day

Father: How was your exam?

Son: Who are you?

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After 30 years of marriage Jane as all women do started nagging to John her husband that he does not love her anymore and told him John why don't you go to get some advice from our friend the Bishop so you will love me more. Well John thought if I go to the Bishop I will drink some of his good wine and went.

When he came back he saw his wife at door, then he went up to her and lifted her and carried her from one room to other. She was really pleased with this gesture and asked What did Bishop tell you.

Well he told me go and carry your Cross and wonder who is my cross?

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I Changed all my passwords to 'incorrect."

Whenever I forget, it will tell me: "Your password is incorrect."

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