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Places I'd Rather Not Live...

- Paradox, New York
- Crapo, Maryland

- Boogertown, North Carolina
- Hellhole, Idaho
- Purgatory, Maine

- Girdletree, Maryland
- Rabbithash, Kentucky

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How does a train hear another train coming?

With its engineers.

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At the Doctor's Clinic...

Patient: Ooh! Doctor, when will this stomach ache go?

Doctor: Don't worry, Just follow this prescription and you will get quick relief.

As the patient stepped out into the waiting room of the clinic, a gust of wind blew the prescription out of the first-floor window.

Patient: Hey! Wait!

Next Day...

Doctor: How did you hurt yourself?

Patient: Doctor, didn't you tell me to follow the prescription?

Doctor: That's right, I did.

Patient: The prescription flew out of the window, so I followed it.

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I grilled a chicken for two hours...

It still wouldn't tell me why it crossed the road.

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